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About NC Aerial Photo

NC Aerial Photo is a locally-owned-and-operated business.  The owner, Kyle Pratt retired from public safety after 28 years and began studying and investing in photography to help enhance local safety and documentation solutions. His hobby became a business and, today, he's professionally licensed through the Professional Drone Photography Company and the FAA; certified by the North Carolina DOT, and a member of both the High Point Chamber of Commerce and BBB.

During Kyle's 28 years of public safety work, he had the unfortunate experience of seeing people falling from towers and other high structures. This clear danger motivated him to utilize safer means of inspections by use of the drone technology.  Today, NC Aerial Photo offers customizable solutions for getting the aerial images you need of your property or development site. Don't risk the lives of others to get the images. Instead, give Kyle and NC Aerial Photo a call. You can count on Kyle to produce quality images and videos quickly and safely.

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