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Construction Photography & Utility Inspections

Depend on NC Aerial Photo to create spectacular aerial photographs and captivating aerial video. From construction photography to utility inspections, we've got your needs covered.  Develop a baseline inspection to review at meetings or document progress as your work grows.  Watching a video or viewing photographs are a safer means and can allow planning before sending workers out.

Drone with Camera

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography services are completed primarily using a drone for safety and quality. We offer a variety of customization options within your video and/or photographs such as, adding property information, logos, and musical audio. Plus, we offer editing services to create a seamless final product that looks professional.

Logo Services

During the editing phase of each photography and videography project, we have the ability to include your company's logo. This helps create a uniform brand for your company, while also helping prevent others from claiming your content as their own. For real estate and similar industries, this is a great way to ensure clients know exactly who to get in touch with, no matter where they see your advertisement.

Construction & Development

Construction and development companies count on us for aerial overviews of the properties they're working on. Construction photography services are available weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly to document the progress of construction and to allow engineers and team leaders to see the progress and address any issues.  Develop a baseline not only for documentation purposes, but also to review at meetings and/or during the next inspection. 


Roofers count on us for visual inspection without the need to have a person on a roof when work may not be required. Documentation, inspection, and progress images and video can be done safely using a drone.  Roofing companies may also want to use the video or photographs to showcase their work.

Aerial Photo of Construction Site

Cell Tower

Insurance Companies

We work with insurance companies for a range of solutions. Our video and photo services help to document claims, allow auditors to safely examine hard-to-read areas, and show home and business owners any damage they may not be able to see.

Utility Inspection

Our utility inspection solutions cover radio, cell, and electrical towers, as well as bridge inspection. NC Aerial Photo makes these jobs safer by using drones instead of people, to video the area, allowing you to document any real, possible, or future issues without risking the safety of a human being.  Developing a baseline video/photographs allows to compare visually with the next inspection and create a plan before sending someone on to the structure.

Other Solutions

Any business can take advantage of our services for a range of solutions. If you're looking for video from a unique perspective to stand out on your website, YouTube, or social media, we can help you get the solution you need.

Search & Rescue

NC Aerial volunteers drone services for police, EMS, and Public Safety companies trying to locate missing persons, including children. Our drones can quickly cover larger areas from the air. There is no charge for this service for first responders and other applicable organizations. Our drones are even equipped to pick up body heat, making it easier to find and identify people who can't be seen inside of buildings or under structures.

Custom, Binding Agreements

Our contracts are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client. Contact us today to discuss the specifics of your job.

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